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The Rocket Cab C-4 Custom is a true Custom Shop Cabinet built to your specs.


The  C-4 Custom can be configured in most any tolex, grill cloth and hardware configurations to match your head.


Not all options are listed. Please contact me and let me know exactly the cabinet you want. CONTACT


Back panel choices are:3 piece Convertible back panels for open or closed, Oval "D" style semi-tuned back panel, Classic open back.

Handle options include black strap, heavy duty stiched, single recessed steel handle (top) or two steel recessed side handles.

Avaialble in any speaker cut out.  (I can also mix speaker size cut outs!)

Speakers can be laid out in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal oreintation.

Built from solid pine with dovetail  joinery, this cab is lightweight and rock solid.

The C-4 Custom uses a classic floating baffle design for open back builds. More on baffle choices here: What is "Floating Baffle"?


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    2 custom cabinets

    Posted by Alan M. on 16th Jan 2022

    This is not my first time working with Paul and Soundsrite Audio custom cabinets. The quality of Pauls cabinet work is superior to ANY cabinet on the market I have played from Marshalls to Bogners. The thing is I had Paul make me a cabinet for an amplifier several years ago. I have since bought and sold endless brands and model cabinets and nothing sounds better then the cabinet Paul made me and I kept coming back to it. Now, I had Paul make me 2 new cabinets for my new rig. Paul didn't disappoint,. The cabs look and sound amazing! Paul works really closely with his customers with awesome communication to ensure he covers ALL aspects of a fabrication. Thanks Paul you rock! Alan M.

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    2x10 Diagonal Cab!

    Posted by Mike on 28th Sep 2020

    I recently received a Diagonal Pine 2x10 with the Oval back option, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Love it!!!! Great communication throughout the procsess, and the cab shipped out within the quoted lead time. I'll be ordering my cabs from Paul going forward. Highly recommended!!!!

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    C-4 Custom 2x12 cabinet

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2017

    Excelent quality! I am very happy with the cabinet.

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    1x15 Custom Speaker Cab

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2017

    This is my second purchase from Paul. In addition to this speaker cab, Paul built a new "Plug and Play" back panel for my existing 2x10, and re-covered a '64 Showman head cab that had seen better days all to match. The work was flawless as expected, and at very reasonable cost. I will buy again from Paul when the need arises!

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    Great Matchless combo cabinet conversion

    Posted by Charles Cannon on 28th Jan 2017

    I recently had my Matchless Lightning Reverb combo with 2X10 speakers converted to separate head and speaker cabinets. I purchased the head cabinet off of The Gear Page. Then I called Paul at Rocket Cab in Dawsonville, Georgia ( to check on getting one of his cabinets built for the conversion. He agreed to cover the head (even though I did not buy it from him) and build/cover one of his excellent pine cabs. I had purchased one of his pine cabinets about a year ago and it was certainly a great sounding cab. I am not too far from his shop so I took him my head cabinet and we discussed all the particulars. Instead of Tolex, I wanted a smooth faux leather covering like Matchless uses. Paul contacted one of his suppliers and found the perfect Taurus Wine covering. The turnaround time on the cabs Paul builds is very reasonable. Finally the day came and I loaded up the Matchless combo and went to pick up the new cabinets. Paul removed the head from the combo, installed it (and the Reverb tank) in the new head cabinet. He also fixed a minor problem with the Reverb tank while he was at it; I only thought I was getting decent 'verb before. Now it is so much better! Paul swapped the speakers for me and I was ready to hit the road. Couldn't wait to get it home, connect the cables and hit that first power chord. The new cabinets sound and look awesome!!! Make sure you check out if you need some new cabinets. If you've never had a pine cab before, you don't know what you're missing.

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    Custom Rocket Cab 2x12

    Posted by Mike Clinco on 28th Aug 2015

    I recently contacted Paul about building me another guitar cabinet (first one was a 1x12) and I specifically wanted it a little deeper. I'm running the 2x12 loaded cab with Eminence GA-SC64 George Alessandro Signature 12s (killer speakers!) through a Fuchs Full House 50 head!. We decided that the dimensions needed to be big enough so the head could sit comfortably on the enclosure. This rig ROCKS! The cab can be run mono or stereo, being able to choose 4, 8 or 16 ohm. This is an awesome feature . The craftsmanship that Paul puts into these cabinets is phenomenal. They not only look beautiful, they sound amazing! If you like working one on one with the owner of a small company that really cares about customer service, Soundsrite Audio is your definite choice.

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    Top Notch Product and Service, Across The Board.

    Posted by Matt on 7th Apr 2015

    All these positive reviews -- this can't be real, can it? After working with Paul and Rocket Cabs, I can assure you that the glowing reviews that you find on this page are all true. This is a business that really understands good customer service; there is communication at all stages of the build process, responses to questions are nearly instantaneous, and progress reports (with photos) are provided on a regular basis. I ordered a custom built cabinet with an open/closed back option for an older Marshall amp. Some specifics: (1) Paul helped me select the right speaker for the type of music I generally play; (2) He searched for a hard-to-match tolex color that corresponded to the discontinued tolex on my amp, looking at several options to get the best one, (3) build quality is great; (4) sound quality is great (I can't wait until the speaker is actually broken in, because it is already good); (5) even the shipping packaging was done right and carefully and my cabinet arrived within a day of shipment. Prices are competitive (or better) than off-the-rack cabinets. I wish other businesses operated this way. Overall a great experience and I will recommend Rocket Cabs to my musician friends.

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    Excellent Customer Service/Workmanship

    Posted by Steve R. on 12th Jun 2014

    After exhaustively researching where to get a custom cabinet built I found Rocket Cabs and Paul Robison. I wanted a pine construction with neodymium speakers and all appointments to match my Blackstar head. Paul took a lot of time on the phone and email making sure the details were correct and made many suggestions along the way. His prices are very fair and the workmanship I find top notch. This cabinet sounds and looks great! I am very pleased and expect to work with him again in the near future on an second build.

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    Custom 1x15 "Fender blackface design"

    Posted by Aaron Harris on 15th Mar 2014

    I will try to keep this short and sweet. 1. Outstanding customer service...seriously, the best I have ever received in regards to "musical instruments and gear". 2. Beautiful fit and finish to the will not find better. 3. Phenomenal sound...these cabinets will make you wish you had bought one YEARS AGO. Do yourself a favor and order one of these cabs right will not regret it.

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    Great tone at an amazing price.

    Posted by Steve Storey on 6th Aug 2013

    I had Rocket cabs build a Chicago 2x12 for me. This thing is incredible! My guitar buddys and I are always A/B ing gear to listen to the tonal differances. We A/B ed the Chicago 2x12 cab against my Marshall 1982 4x12 and could not beleive our ears. We all picked the Chicago cab over the Marshall 4x12. Same speakers at the same ohmage setting. The pine cab just killed it in terms of woodiness and clarity. We were shocked at the bottom end also. It had better clarity, note definition,and since it was an open back it just enveloped us in it's tone. I will never go back to a closed back cab and will never go back to birch cabs again. Pine is king!!! Thanks Paul for the great work !! I also ordered a 1x12 to go with my Orange OR15 head. Sorry orange. Rocket Cabs has got you beat here!! Thanks for helping me to achieve the best tone of my life Rocket Cabs!! Rock On!! Steve Storey. Armed and Indigo.

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    2x12 narrow panel twin style

    Posted by Scott Clayton on 14th Oct 2012

    I was lucky enough to pick up a Goodsell Custom 33 head w/ verb and trem in brown ostrich tolex and I wanted a 2x12 cab to match it. I had seen the Rocket Cab ads on Craigslist, and had visited the website, I was impressed with what I saw and contacted Paul. He was great to deal with from the start, I told him what I was looking for and sent him pics of the head. He matched the ostrich tolex exactly, and the design specs came out perfectly. I absolutely love the diagonal 2x12 configuration, it truly is the perfect 2x12 in my opinion. The sound is exceptional, raw and organic with tight bass and smooth high end. Loaded with a celestion gold and a g12h30 ... they haven't fully broken in and I may play around with different speakers. One of the great things about this design, it's very easy to swap speakers. I am very pleased with my purchase and would absolutely recommend Paul and his fine workmanship to anyone .

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    Music Product Review

    Posted by Review by: Donpaul McAllister on 2nd Jun 2012

    Music Product Review Product: Guitar speaker cabinet(s) Maker: ‘Rocket Cabs’ Website: Contact: Paul Robison *I received no compensation for this article or my stated opinion, have no working ties with the company or reason to articulate my opinions except on owner based fact to help other ‘gear-heads’. I needed two new guitar cabinets for a Reeves Custom 50 head. One of my goals was to keep things light. So, I chose two 1X12 cabs to make things not only manageable but more versatile than a standard 2X12 cab. I asked around on The Gear Page about having custom cabs made and Paul Robison responded. Paul is with and Rocket Cabs. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted and Paul got right into helping me decide, guiding me with his thoughts and knowledge and even looked up information for me on his own and getting back to me with it. Paul get’s an A+ in communication. He’s quick to respond, very informative, friendly, goes the extra mile and seems to care. After speaking, I wanted to go with a very dark look to fade into a backline on stage. We opted for matching black Tolex to my Reeves head, black grill-cloth, and black hardware including corners, handle and the metal handle end covers. We did add white piping on the front to match the head they are used with and the regular nickel colored screws on the back as I thought this helped things pop a little. The wood is Pine, light and resonant. The build quality is excellent. Paul knew I was in a Hurry and really rushed for me but the work on these cabs is not rushed, it’s done right. The cuts, connections, sound projection, all perfect. There are large rubber feet on the bottom that should last a life-time, grill-cloth is tight. No complaints. The price was excellent, shipping was split between us! I was having no complaints, but wait, what about speakers? I had them install 16ohm 12” Eminence Tonkers. These are supposed to be Fane ‘like’ in that they are big/round/clean tones. Well, this has nothing to do with the cab maker, the speaker was my choice but for now, I have to reserve judgment on these. The highs are thin and harsh, the bass is bland, but I only have eight hours burn-in time on them and they have improved some from that. I will continue to give them more burn-in time and see if they continue to improve; if so, great, if not… I’ll be getting rid of them, too early to say. Next, is there anything different between these two gloriously dark cabs? Read on my friends! Getting two cabs gave me the option to mix it up. So, I got one open back and one closed back. This allows me to choose which to record with, which to take to practice vs. a gig or use both at a gig. I could mic the closed back and use the open as a side-wash monitor on stage. The other great thing is the closed back is a convertible back, meaning, I can take off a section of it and have two open backs. So, lots of choices and possibilities! In these pictures you can see both backs and where the closed back splits to remove the bottom section, creating another open back cab. After making some very specific choices Paul mentioned adding these to his regular line-up as they look, well… neat, clean, and classy- but mean! I joked that he should name them the “McAllister Model” after my last name. When I looked in the back of my open back cab I saw this sticker and couldn’t help but laugh, Paul is so cool to deal with: “The McAllister Model” signed and dated, made in America, can it get any better? So, do I have any complaints? Not really. If you get a convertible back, order an open back bottom so you will have that to put on, I didn’t think of that and neglected to get one. My only personal preference is for thicker back panels on the open back. These are real wood (Pine) and are fine. They are in the Fender style, nothing wrong with that. It won’t affect tone or shake etc. very solid wood but thinner than on some non Fender open backs. Which you prefer comes down to, well...probably what you’re used to, since it won’t really change anything. However, I do like the thicker ones. So those are two things I can say to make this a fair and balanced review. Notice that the only things I could think to mention changing are personal preference and had nothing to do with the cab maker; they created exactly what I ordered. So, in the end: A+ Purchase your next cab from these guys! Review by: Donpaul McAllister