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Rocket Cab
2 custom cabinets


Posted by Alan M. on 16th Jan 2022


This is not my first time working with Paul and Soundsrite Audio custom cabinets. The quality of Pauls cabinet work is superior to ANY cabinet on the market I have played from Marshalls to Bogners. The thing is I had Paul make me a cabinet for an amplifier several years ago. I have since bought and sold endless brands and model cabinets and nothing sounds better then the cabinet Paul made me and I kept coming back to it. Now, I had Paul make me 2 new cabinets for my new rig. Paul didn't disappoint,. The cabs look and sound amazing! Paul works really closely with his customers with awesome communication to ensure he covers ALL aspects of a fabrication. Thanks Paul you rock! Alan M.



Rocket Cab
Memphis 1x12

Posted by Joe B on 2nd Nov 2021
This cab sounds absolutely incredible with my Fat Jimmy amp. The pine and floating baffle resonate just enough to make things feel alive. It is expressive and responsive from bedroom levels to cranked stage volume. The craftsmanship is second to none and Paul is a pleasure to deal with. I will be buying another cab from him in the future. Highly recommend.


Rocket Cab
2/10 blonde cabinet

 Posted by Ivan on 30th Sep 2021

 Great sounding and looking cabinet. I have a mojo 2 10 as well. I much prefer the Rocket cabinet to the mojo. I am not saying anything bad about the mojo the quality is as good as the Rockit. I prefer the Rocket because it is more open and less focused.


Rocket Cab
1x12 Memphis w/Eminence Legend

 Posted by Fuzzy on 12th Jun 2021

 This is my second cab from Paul. Both cabs sound amazing. The low end is beautiful and feels a little looser than many other cabs...very pleasing sound, vintage like. Extremely light...easy to transport. Best cabs I’ve owned.


Rocket Cab
Custom baffle for Fender Champion 600

 Posted by Samuel Vargas on 3rd May 2021

 I ordered a baffle to restore the original in a Fender Champion 600 reissue that had been hacked up to take a larger-sized speaker. The new baffle arrived after a couple of weeks. It was nearly twice as thick as the original, but fit perfectly. I was able to fit a new 6” Jensen speaker and restore the amp to original configuration. The new baffle is more solid and gives the amp cabinet a better sound than before. Thank you!


Rocket Cab

More Me 1x12 Wedge 

Great sounding problem solver!
Posted by Carl Jah on 22nd Apr 2021

I love my Rocket Cab Wedgemonitor! I had a sound situation where there was no back line amplifiers pointing at the audience. All monitors. I didn't like my guitar sound from a traditional wedge so I had Rocket Cab build a 1x12 wedge shape guitar cabinet. I plug my amplifier into it and mic for the FOH. This thing is high quality and built to last. Great sounding and fun to play through.....Thank you. Problem solved!!!



Rocket Cab
 Speaker Baffle 1x10
Posted by David Nelson on 9th Dec 2020


Paul was very helpful and skilled. He built a 1x10 floating baffle to replace my current 1x12 solid baffle. Fits and operates perfectly.


Rocket Cab

Rocket Cab C-4 Custom Diagonal 2x12

Posted by Pete Drawbridge on 3rd Dec 2020

 Excellent craftsmanship and service. Paul was a pleasure to work with and went the extra mile to make sure the cab I received exceeded expectations. While testing the cab in the shop, he discovered that one of the speakers I'd requested was having 'cone cry' issues. He immediately notified me and then contacted the manufacturer to have a new speaker sent out, which he tested again to make sure it was up to snuff. The cab he delivered is a beauty to look at it and even better to play through! An excellent investment in tone and I know where I'll be going the next time I need any kind of custom cab made. Thanks Paul!


Rocket Cab
1 X 12 Tweed Extension Cabinet 

 Posted by Dennis Hoffman on 18th Nov 2020

My new Rocket Cabs cabinet the best 1 x 12 cabinet I have used. It is well made, the company is great at customer service, and the unit was delivered on time as promised.


Rocket Cab

Product: Rocket Cab Memphis 1x12 Custom Solid Pine Cabinet
Posted By: Bruce Bond
This is the fifth cabinet I have ordered from Paul, and once again it is stunning. Paul builds the best cabinets I know of. I think the floating baffle, the shape of the box and back, and the quality of pine and the workmanship must have something to do with it. And they are beautiful as well.



Memphis 2x10

Product: Memphis 2x10 In Stock!
Posted By: Joe
This is my third Rocket cab and it's a beauty. The two-tone tolex will look great with my blond Fender Supersonic 22 head. The construction quality and attention to detail on all of Paul's work is excellent. I've loaded it with two Jensen P10R-F speakers and it sounds great.


Memphis 1x12 guitar cabinet

5 Star Review

Posted by Tim Farney on 17th Jan 2020

Paul was great to work with and fast to deliver. The cabinet is flawless, and sounds great!


Best Cabs 5 Star Review


Posted by Bruce Bond on 17th Sep 2019


I have bought a lot of cabs in my life, and Paul's are, in my judgement, the best. He has great materials, craftsmanship, and designs that maximize with resonance without losing focus and adding unnecessary weight. His cabs are also beautiful.

Memphis 1x12 In Stock



Another great quality cabinet...This is our 6th one from Paul! 5 Star Review

Posted by Walter on 31st Jul 2017

This is the first Tweed cabinet but its the 6th one we've purchased from Paul. Each has been incredibly well built and sounded amazing. This one is no exception. The cabinet is solid and the tweed looks perfect. You can't go wrong with one of these cabs.

love it 5 Star Review

Posted by Dennis Grechus on 18th Jun 2017

Very high quality build. I had paul load it with a George alassandro 12in speaker. Just the sound i was looking for. Paul was very good to deal with he always answered or returned my calls promptly. The service was great and the quality was great. I will use them again for future needs and I will recommend them to others.

1x15 Custom Speaker Cab 5 Star Review


Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2017


This is my second purchase from Paul. In addition to this speaker cab, Paul built a new "Plug and Play" back panel for my existing 2x10, and re-covered a '64 Showman head cab that had seen better days all to match. The work was flawless as expected, and at very reasonable cost.

I will buy again from Paul when the need arises!



Great Matchless combo cabinet conversion 5 Star Review


Posted by Charles Cannon on 28th Jan 2017


I recently had my Matchless Lightning Reverb combo with 2X10 speakers converted to separate head and speaker cabinets. I purchased the head cabinet off of The Gear Page. 

Then I called Paul at Rocket Cab in Dawsonville, Georgia ( to check on getting one of his cabinets built for the conversion. He agreed to cover the head (even though I did not buy it from him) and build/cover one of his excellent pine cabs.

I had purchased one of his pine cabinets about a year ago and it was certainly a great sounding cab. I am not too far from his shop so I took him my head cabinet and we discussed all the particulars. Instead of Tolex, I wanted a smooth faux leather covering like Matchless uses. Paul contacted one of his suppliers and found the perfect Taurus Wine covering. 

The turnaround time on the cabs Paul builds is very reasonable. Finally the day came and I loaded up the Matchless combo and went to pick up the new cabinets. Paul removed the head from the combo, installed it (and the Reverb tank) in the new head cabinet. He also fixed a minor problem with the Reverb tank while he was at it; I only thought I was getting decent 'verb before. Now it is so much better! Paul swapped the speakers for me and I was ready to hit the road. Couldn't wait to get it home, connect the cables and hit that first power chord. The new cabinets sound and look awesome!!! 

Make sure you check out if you need some new cabinets. If you've never had a pine cab before, you don't know what you're missing.



great product - great service 5 Star Review


Posted by eg on 14th Nov 2016


Paul was excellent. He took the time to go over options and was extremely informative. The cabinet arrived on time and was very well packed, thing is flawless. Build quality is surperb and the tone is simply awesome! better choice for a cab! If you want a great lightweight, well-built cab go Rocket!



New Baffle 5 Star Review


Posted by Barry Southam on 27th Oct 2016


A great fit everything exactly like i ordered....



Beautiful Blondes 5 Star Review


Posted by Dave on 27th Sep 2016


I loved my Blonde B-2x10 cab so much I had Paul make another for me. Absolutely the BEST cabinets I've ever owned. Paired with my Eden Bass Head it's a KILLER system... compact and light and ROCKS THE HOUSE!
Thanks, Paul!!!



Top notch! Thanks!!! 5 Star Review


Posted by Alan Acuff on 10th Jun 2016


A first rate cabinet and a smooth transaction with excellent, friendly communication from start to finish. I will recommend Rocket Cabs to my friends.



2x10 cabinet and 1x12 cabinet 5 Star Review


Posted by Bruce Bond on 27th May 2016


These cabinets are the absolute best--light and resonant but never boomy--and Paul is a great guy who knows his stuff. Highly recommended.




Fantastic work of art and awesome for recording or live 5 Star Review


Posted by Richmond Nairon on 23rd May 2016


Perfection. Solid, looks fantastic. Well thought out design that was ready to drop in my favorite speakers. Sounds amazing in the recording studio with no odd sounds, buzz, or rattle. The solid wood adds warmth and musical qualities to guitar tone. Substantially lighter weight than my Mesa and Marshall cabs. Currently on their way to a live gig! Awesome product. Thanks Paul!



A Quality Product at a Fair Price!!!! 5 Star Review


Posted by Brian on 13th May 2016


The speaker cabinet I received was well built with quality craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail. A truly custom product for an amazingly fair price! But even more importantly, I received superior customer service! Paul was responsive and helpful with all my questions, and was an overall pleasure to do business with!!! Thanks for the great speaker cabinet and for adding to my ongoing musical journey!!!



Just what I needed... 5 Star Review


Posted by Phil on 22nd Apr 2016


Ordered a cab and Celestion Neo 12 to mate with a Quilter Mach Pro HD. Less money than the Quilter extension, terrific quality of build. Also using with an old Mesa Mark 4. Stacks beautifully. Great job, Paul



Great Tweed Cabinet 5 Star Review


Posted by Eric on 13th Apr 2016


The Rocket Cab tweed 112 extension cabinet is a great match for my Fender reissue '57 tweed amp head. The construction quality is superb and the Celestion Alnico Cream 12" speaker provides excellent tone (even better than a Celestion Alnico Gold). The amber shellac could have been a darker, more yellow, color to perfectly match the Fender tweed head, but I'm not complaining--the cabinet is a great product!



4X10 Extension Cabinet 5 Star Review


Posted by Joe Ciarlante on 31st Mar 2016


First time buyer and I couldn't be happier. I'd been gigging with a Fender Supersonic 22 combo, which I love, but wanted a bigger sound. I acquired a Supersonic 22 head in a trade and had this 4x10 cab made for it. The rough blond tolex is a perfect match and it sounds great! The entire transaction was excellent: questions answered, suggestions made, shipping, etc. I would not hesitate to purchase another one.



Waiting for break in 4 Star Review

Posted by Joe Ciarlante on 31st Mar 2016

I had these Celestions installed into a 4x10 cabinet. The good news: The price is very right and they do sound good. I'm reserving final judgement for once they're broken in a bit. They allowed me to have my cabinet made for a very affordable price point and confirm that this is the combo I want with my head. Gigging with it this weekend will be the test!

Great Quality and Sound 5 Star Review


Posted by Walter on 21st Mar 2016


This is the second cabinet I've purchased from Paul. Both are well built with attention paid to the small details. Paul takes great pride in his cabinets and is very easy to work! If you are in the market for a great cabinet, look no further.



Right size, great fit 5 Star Review


Posted by Ralph Sweat on 18th Mar 2016


I wanted to convert my Twin Reverb 2x12 into a 1x15 but I needed a custom baffle. Paul made it happen for an affordable price and with quick turn around time. Very satisfied.



Rockin in Memphis!! 5 Star Review


Posted by Shannon Richards on 10th Feb 2016


Paul knocked it out of the park again for me!

This is my third rocket cab and I am really really pleased! The construction is top notch (as usual) and most importantly the tone is just what I was looking for. I loaded my new Memphis with a 12" Eminence Canis Major and the cab sounded great right out of the gate.

Some really nice touches on this build including black on black aesthetics, upgraded sewn handle, silver piping and the 3-piece convertible back panels for sonic flexibility. The cabinet is fairly large and resonate and will accommodate any 12" speaker out there.

I've only ever worked with Paul for my custom cabs and I've got no reason to look elsewhere. I'm really happy!



Another fine job by the Rocketman 5 Star Review


Posted by Eric von Valtier on 2nd Feb 2016


Once again Paul came through with a first class job on a custom guitar amp cabinet, finished in vintage tweed and brown. I can hardly wait to get the electronics installed and and have that magic moment when the first sounds come rolling out from a JBL speaker (the world's best) in the world's other best (the Rocket cab).



great cabinet 5 Star Review


Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2016


The quality of build and sound are excellent. Great customer service by Paul and a great price too.



Atlanta 1x10 cabinet...Killer! 5 Star Review


Posted by Mike Clinco on 25th Dec 2015


I wanted to have a small cabinet to pair with my Acoustic Image Clarus 2. I called Paul and we chatted about what would work best for my situation. We decide that an Eminence "Lil Buddy" would be the ticket for jazz.
The workmanship is beyond excellent and being able to have a one on one relationship with the builder is ideal!
This is the 3rd cabinet that I have ordered from Paul. It sound fantastic...enough low end from a 10" and plenty of highs for clarity.
This is the way to go if you want a custom made cabinet that will surpass your expectations. They look great and are super light weight and most of all...sound amazing. Thanks again Paul!

Mike Clinco



2X10 speaker cabinet 5 Star Review


Posted by Robert on 24th Dec 2015


This is a very well built and well priced speaker cabinet. I received the traditional open back option, put 2 10" Naylor speakers in it and it sounds terrific. the speaker baffle is top notch.
Thanks again SoundsriteAudio.



Beautiful cabinet; primo customer experience. 5 Star Review


Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2015


What can I say? The word"boutique" gets thrown around frivolously these days, but Paul Robison made me a 1st class speaker cabinet and his pride extends to service that makes one feel 100% assured that the product is being manufactured, sold and shipped by folks who care about the merch as much as you do. 
Bravo Paul, and thanks!



Can't get any better than this 5 Star Review


Posted by Joe on 16th Dec 2015


I love the look and finish on this cabinet. Works great with my new 15" speaker. I I highly recommend this model and builder. He was great to deal with and very prompt in his responses. If you want the best at a great price, then this is the place to go!

Joe in Mobile





Posted by Eric von Valtier on 14th Dec 2015


Paul builds first rate cabinets. Every detail is just perfect and exactly as ordered. He is also very friendly and accommodating to do business with. If you need any kind of musical cabinets built, he should be your first choice.He recently built me a guitar amp cabinet with styling like classic Fender tweed amps, which have those tricky corners that don't get covered up with metal corner cups. His corners were better than anything I have seen on a stock Fender cabinet, not to mention that every other detail was also flawless. Good old American craftsmanship at its finest !



nice handmade 2x12 cab 5 Star Review


Posted by Jason on 5th Dec 2015

I ordered one with no Tolex and finished it with watco Danish oil. It is loaded with Jensen blackbird speakers and looks and sounds great, thanks Paul 

 THE BEST!!!! 5 Star Review

 Posted by Ricky on 19th Nov 2015

 I have owned a lot of gear and Paul at Rocket cab builds the best ..and he is a great guy to deal with!!


 Very nice. 5 Star Review

Posted by schultz on 21st Sep 2015

Fabulous fit & finish — custom dimensions perfect — very good materials.
I will likely order more cabinets in the future & once these hit the public eye I will be sending a lot of folks Paul's way, I'm sure.
Thanks for everything, Paul - especially your attention to detail.
schultz - Denver, CO

Custom Rocket Cab 2x12 5 Star Review

 Posted by Mike Clinco on 28th Aug 2015

 I recently contacted Paul about building me another guitar cabinet (first one was a 1x12) and I specifically wanted it a little deeper. I'm running the 2x12 loaded cab with Eminence GA-SC64 George Alessandro Signature 12s (killer speakers!) through a Fuchs Full House 50 head!. We decided that the dimensions needed to be big enough so the head could sit comfortably on the enclosure. This rig ROCKS! The cab can be run mono or stereo, being able to choose 4, 8 or 16 ohm. This is an awesome feature .

The craftsmanship that Paul puts into these cabinets is phenomenal. They not only look beautiful, they sound amazing! If you like working one on one with the owner
of a small company that really cares about customer service, Soundsrite Audio is your definite choice.



Perfect 5 Star Review

 Posted by Robbie C on 23rd Aug 2015

 Beautiful, lightweight, resonant, sturdy, and at a reasonable price. What more do you want?


Chicago Custom 1x12 
Posted by Neal Jennings on 8th Aug 20155 Star Review


" Some of the best money I ever spent. Visually, a perfect match to my DRRI, in every way, sonically, the best Fender tone I've ever heard, financially, not a lot more than it would have cost me to build a cab myself, and better in every way. Paul is a terrific guy who will answer all of your questions with patience and rock solid data. Best part? My Soundsrite cab is lighter, than my new DRRI head, with, a Jensen C12K installed. And that means I'll be going out to play more often now, and as I grow older still, I'll be able to go out later in my life. Don't waste any more time. PAY the man !



C-4 Custom 1X15 All Around Excellence 5 Star Review

 Posted by Titus Freuler on 3rd Aug 2015

 My overall experience can be summed up in one word, excellent.

- Assessment of my needs
- Communication 
- Packing for shipping
- Design 
- Workmanship
- Materials used
- Sound 
Thank you again for such a beautiful speaker cabinet.




Excellent! 5 Star Review

 Posted by Titus Freuler on 24th Jul 2015

The cab arrived in perfect condition. It is a work of art! I have not had the opportunity to mount the speaker yet but hopefully will this weekend. 
The attention to detail that you put into your work is evident even in the brief time I was able to look at it. T-nuts for the handle! Perfect seams! A true 3 piece back option even though it cost more in both time and materials! If it sounds as good as it looks I might just practice more. 

Thank you for taking the time to do it right



Excellent work. 5 Star Review

 Posted by Eric on 6th Jul 2015

I searched high and low for a small powerful bass cabinet to pair with my vintage bassman 135, and was unsuccessful finding anything until finding Rocket Cab. Paul built me the perfect solution, it sounds fantastic, is incredibly light, and totally looks the part. Thanks!



The SR71 Speaker Cabinet 5 Star Review

 Posted by Dan Feliciano on 29th Jun 2015

 Paul, When my custom Memphis 1x12 cabinet arrived it was packed very well as promised. The strong sent of fresh Premium White Eastern Pine cabinet was very pleasing it is also very light in weight. The New Custom "Dancing" speaker cloth was dead-on outstanding! Its a black inter-weaved grill cloth with Silver sparkle thread which gives it a "Dancing" effect when light shines on it. The "T" nuts that you installed for the speaker mounting worked out fine for my EVM-12L speaker. The Fender like counter sunk chrome amp corners & Black Strap handle was excellent hardware to include the Switchcraft input jack and wire harness for the speaker. The Smooth Black Tolex vinyl match my Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 perfectly. The tone of the Memphis 1x12 cabinet with the floating-baffle board and that speaker sounded like an SR71 at take off. It was very smooth, the clear tones had a bell effect and in the overdrive mode it would cut like a knife. To top things off the work you did to my front Boogie amp panel with the matching speaker grill cloth was absolutely a closing statement of true "hand Made". Your "attention to detail" is what makes your shop the pinnacle of all "Custom" shops. The skills you have besides your work ethics is you listen to your customers carefully and also make good suggestion's for cabinet look and sound presences. 

I have only one word for you Paul: EXCEPTIONAL 
Word of mouth will pass through this cabinet and Looks and Tones speak for themselves. Highly recommended.



1963 fender bandmaster 5 Star Review

 Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2015

 I have been wanting to put my 1963 fender bandmaster into a one twelve combo for years.The cab looks like fender factory.I have a fender deluxe reverb, and the bandmaster cab looks as good it dose.Great job.



Tweed Heaven 5 Star Review

 Posted by Rich S on 13th Apr 2015

 I wanted/needed a 2x10 American sounding cabinet. How can you get anymore American then a pine, tweed covered cabinet. The workmanship is top notch. The cabinet looks and sound incredible.



Top Notch Product and Service, Across The Board. 5 Star Review

 Posted by Matt on 7th Apr 2015

 All these positive reviews -- this can't be real, can it? After working with Paul and Rocket Cabs, I can assure you that the glowing reviews that you find on this page are all true. 

This is a business that really understands good customer service; there is communication at all stages of the build process, responses to questions are nearly instantaneous, and progress reports (with photos) are provided on a regular basis. 

I ordered a custom built cabinet with an open/closed back option for an older Marshall amp. Some specifics: (1) Paul helped me select the right speaker for the type of music I generally play; (2) He searched for a hard-to-match tolex color that corresponded to the discontinued tolex on my amp, looking at several options to get the best one, (3) build quality is great; (4) sound quality is great (I can't wait until the speaker is actually broken in, because it is already good); (5) even the shipping packaging was done right and carefully and my cabinet arrived within a day of shipment. 

Prices are competitive (or better) than off-the-rack cabinets. I wish other businesses operated this way. 

Overall a great experience and I will recommend Rocket Cabs to my musician friends.



Beautiful Cabinet, Excellent Service 

 Posted by J.Ogawa on 20th Mar 2015

 The cabinet is beautiful, sounds great, well-built, and I love that I could specify everything: dimensions, color and type of tolex, corners, feet, etc. Paul is easy to work with, and I wish more companies were as good at communicating with the customer. I will not hesitate to order from him again if I need another cabinet.



Perfect fit! 

 Posted by TJ Smith on 23rd Feb 2015

 I have an old 1957 Gibson GA-45 amp that I wanted to try a new speaker configuration for. It's a 4x8 amp and I wanted to swap the baffle for a 1x12. Paul at soundsriteaudio was great to work with and was able to use my measurements and pictures to make a baffle that is a perfect fit. The amp sounds great and looks awesome with the new baffle. Couldn't be happier with the results!



4x10" Extension Cabinet is a High Quality Product! 

 Posted by Stan of Standby For Transmission on 17th Feb 2015

 I purchased this cabinet to use as an extension cabinet for my 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb 2x10 combo. I had two speakers I had removed from an old Gibson Plus 50 and two other speakers from a non-working Line6 Spider3 combo. Soundsrite was nice enough to send a user friendly wiring diagram. I had all the speakers installed, wired up, and soldered in place within a half an hour. Their customer service through e-mail was second to none letting me know when they were going to finish it, ship it, and any other questions I had. The cabinet itself was extremely well packaged for shipping and came without defects from shipping (UPS). The look matches up perfectly with my Fender. The sound is as good as it looks. It is very well built, solid as a rock, and no vibrations when playing at loud levels. The only thing I had to do was change the rubber feet on my amp to thicker ones so the amp wouldn't sit directly on the strap of the extension cabinet. Very happy with the purchase and if I needed another cabinet in the future, I would definitely buy again. I will definitely recommend them if anyone else asks too.



Top Notch Build, Top Notch Sound, American Made 

Posted by J. B. Tuttle on 12th Feb 2015

Paul is a joy to deal with. The cabinet was built to my exact specifications. I've been looking for an open-back solution for rehearsals and smaller gigs. I wanted it to be light, a bit unique, and to not break the bank. This thing delivers in spades. I'll be using it for a long, long time. I would buy from him again, definitely. If you're thinking about it, pull the trigger.

Fantastic custom made 2X10" cabinet 

 Posted by Pat on 8th Feb 2015


Thanks for your prompt service and fast turn around time on my custom made 2X10" cabinet. The cabinet looks as great as it sounds! Your suggestions on the build were spot on!

I have never owned 10" speaker cabinet before so it took me a short while to dial in the settings on my amplifier to get the tone I was after. After getting this sorted I have to say I am quite impressed with the sound of this cabinet through my DR clone. I much prefer this over the 1X12" cabinet I was previously using. It has a nice wide range with a crisp and punchy low end and the highs sparkle perfectly. 

Thanks again!


 Chicago Custom 1x12 

 Posted by Jerry on 13th Jan 2015

 The cab looks and sounds fantastic. Just what I was looking for. Well worth the wait.


 Looks and sounds amazing! 

Posted by Steve Storey on 30th Dec 2014

One of the most incredible sounding combo cabs I've ever heard. Looks great, sounds great! Paul builds quality all the way! This is my third build from Paul and he always builds the best! I always refer him to fellow guitarists, if they want the best sound at the best price. Thanks again Paul! You rock!!

Will never go anywhere else as long as Paul is building cab's. 

Posted by R. Barclift on 27th Dec 2014

Originally attracted by his use of special pinewoods, I worked with Paul to design and build two amp cab's and two speaker cab's for a Keedy Evolution Reverb and Titan ('59 bassman). Paul built a 4 X 10 speaker cab and a 2 X 12 speaker cab, both capable of running in stereo at 8 ohms or mono in 4 ohms, with both heads sitting atop either for nice rhythm and lead sounds with an ABY box. Paul was very helpful and his attention to detail is spectacular. He and Morgan Keedy are now working together as well after I introduced them. :-) 

excellent build 

 Posted by gary k. on 3rd Nov 2014

 flawless 2x10 speaker cabinet ,chicago,I (purchased) the cab without speakers put two veteran wgs speakers in it ,all the holes were drilled perfect,the wiring diagram sent with the cabinet was clear and precise ,and best of all the cabinet sounds awesome with my shaw tone rod se.paul was great too work with .



Loaded with Texas Heat 

 Posted by Mike Smith on 8th Oct 2014

 Paul did a GREAT job of building my cabinet! During the process he kept me informed of how it was coming along and when it would ship. Everything went smoothly. The price he quoted was the price I paid and I got my cab when he said I would. On top of that, the craftsmanship is PERFECT and the cab absolutely screams. Terrific job. Best price and highest quality product I have bought in a long time. I will definitely go back if I need any other cabinets in the future. Thanks Paul :)



Modified Tweed 1x12 Extension 

 Posted by Scott on 2nd Sep 2014

 I needed a small, lightweight cabinet that sounded great and would fit in my small trunk. Paul made the cabinet to my exact dimensions and had it to me in less than three weeks. It sounds and looks perfect. He also has great prices on Eminence loudspeakers too. I would recommend him to anyone.



Well made - Great service! 

 Posted by Matt on 13th Aug 2014

 Top quality build. Paul was very informative, kept me updated via e-mail and answered my questions. He even went above and beyond, matching the amber tweed finish to my amp. Couldn't be happier! If you're in the market for a solid pine floating baffle cab (my personal preference), then I HIGHLY recommend Rocket Cab!



Beautiful build, beautiful tone, great service 

 Posted by Dono on 14th Jul 2014

 My new Memphis 1x12 is a work of art in terms of its perfect construction and its beautiful tone. It makes every amp I own (including SFPR, BFPR, BFVR, SFDR, BF Bassman) and every speaker I own (Weber, Emi, Celestion, Jensen, etc.) sound great. 

My Memphis 1x12 is a terrific value to be sure. But if you seek superior materials, elegant design, top-notch craftsmanship, and a gorgeous, responsive tone in a solid wood cabinet, you will not find a better product regardless of price. And Paul is a real pleasure to deal with in all respects. Highest recommendation.



Music Man RD50 with a Memphis 1x12 loaded with a Cannabis Rex!

Posted by Jon C on 9th Jul 2014

"I had a combo version but the cabinet is too small sounded compressed ....sort of flat ..but thru your 1 12" Memphis Rocket Cabinet the amp really shined ! 
Nite & Day!"


Model C-4x10 Demo 

 Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2014

 First time buyer from Rocket Cab. Have had about a dozen custom open-back pine cabs made over the years by Mather, Newell, others. The Rocket Cab is their equal. The attention to detail -- Tolex, internal staining, baffle fit, installation of hardware -- is outstanding. One detail I especially appreciate is the use of old style Fender corners which require precise countersinking for proper fit. Some cabinet makers have moved on to flush mount corners. The Rocket Cab is 100% old school. I would not hesitate to use Rocket Cab for custom work in the future. Also,a pleasure to work with. (Also, this was a "demo" unit, but I could not find a single scratch on it.)



the cab I was looking for 

 Posted by TR on 13th Jun 2014

 I had been looking for a 2x10 4 ohm cab for my bandmaster for awhile and came across Paul and Rocket Cab. I have a 2x12 I'm running now and was wanting a 2x10 option. Excellent fit and finish and customer service is top notch



Excellent Customer Service/Workmanship 

 Posted by Steve R. on 12th Jun 2014

 After exhaustively researching where to get a custom cabinet built I found Rocket Cabs and Paul Robison.

I wanted a pine construction with neodymium speakers and all appointments to match my Blackstar head. Paul took a lot of time on the phone and email making sure the details were correct and made many suggestions along the way.

His prices are very fair and the workmanship I find top notch. This cabinet sounds and looks great! I am very pleased and expect to work with him again in the near future on an second build.



Replacement speaker baffle 

 Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2014

 Paul was very prompt and courteous. Product looks great and fits like a glove...5 stars!


 Chicago Custom 1x12 w/aged cloth  

Posted by Stephen on 2nd Apr 2014

 Even before my decision to order from Paul, he couldn't have been more helpful and patient. Not only with the cab, but with input on speakers I was considering as well. No hard sell whatsoever, just helpful all the way. As for the cabinet, I don't see how it could be better, and it is feather-light unloaded, well built, with great attention to detail, and sounds great. If you're considering an order, don't even hesitate.


 Custom 1x15 "Fender blackface design 
Posted by Aaron Harris on 15th Mar 2014

 I will try to keep this short and sweet.
1. Outstanding customer service...seriously, the best I have ever received in regards to "musical instruments and gear". 
2. Beautiful fit and finish to the will not find better. 
3. Phenomenal sound...these cabinets will make you wish you had bought one YEARS AGO.
Do yourself a favor and order one of these cabs right will not regret it.


 Exceptionally Well Built Cabinet 

Posted by Jim Laxton on 3rd Mar 2014

Paul was great to work with. I told him what speakers I was using, and what I wanted to accomplish, and he suggested the cabinet. He made the back of the cabinet where it can be either open or closed. He used t-nuts, such that I don't have to worry about stripping out wood screws, when I change the back pieces. The workmanship on this cabinet is great. I haven't found anything that could have been done better, and it sounds great!!


"B" Stock 

Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2014

This cabinet was everything that I expected and more. It is handsome, well-built, solid, and produces that sound that only comes from all-pine, with a floating baffle. I built my last cabinet, and the surpasses that one in quality of craftsmanship. If you have ever made one of these, you could appreciate the effort. And when paired with the cost, Rocket Cab is a real value. My cabinet was supposed to be blemished, but I can't find it!! Great job!


2x10 bass cabinet that fit our needs. 

Posted by Mike on 4th Feb 2014

I love doing business with Paul! He is quick to respond to questions and builds a high quality product that looks and sounds great. Paul built two 1x12 guitar that I use with a Suhr 30 watt badger (matching). I loved them so much that I ordered a bass cab to surprise my bass player. What more can I say!
The 2x10 bass cab rocks!
Thanks again Paul!!


Great Looks, Great Build, Great Value 

Posted by BZ on 2nd Feb 2014

I needed a matching 1x12" for a new amp, and this fits the bill exactly. The sound is great, and the craftsmanship is fantastic. However the best thing is the weight; after lugging an oversize 2x12" this cab is a dream. Highly recommended.


Rocket Cab Memphis 1x12 

Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2014

Looks great, smells great and sounds amazing!!! Loaded with a Celestion Gold, this is quickly becoming the go to cab of my studio. Excellent craftsmanship, good price and fast turn around! 5 stars all around!


2x12 Celestion Vintage 30's closed back fixed baffle. 

Posted by Beacon Tube Amps on 31st Dec 2013

Great looking and sounding cab. My first and last call for any cabinet work!


Custom Tweed 1x12 pine extension cabinet 

Posted by Chris Imber on 25th Dec 2013

Paul was a pleasure to deal with and his product is first-rate. Excellent construction and sound. Fast turnaround and excellent communication step by step from beginning to delivery follow-up

Memphis 1x12 with Celestion Gold 

I couldn't be more pleased with the Memphis Cab! The build quality is excellent, and it's evident that Paul takes a lot of pride in his workmanship. The fit and finish are first rate. I've already gigged with it, and the tone I get with the Celestion Gold is so much more defined, articulate, and rich compared to my old cab. Paul is great to work with, and he gives excellent advice on custom options. I highly recommend the Memphis. Thank you Paul!


Superb workmanship and materials. 

Posted by Marshall Cook on 8th Oct 2013

Start to finish a 5-star experience. Great communication. Efficient process. All materials are top-of-the line. Cabinet design, workmanship, and tone are the best.


Memphis 1x12 Cab 

Posted by Gary on 19th Sep 2013

This cab made my already excellent sounding combo amp even better. Paul knows his stuff. Best customer service I have ever recevied as well.
Grab yourself Rocket Cab today. You will be very happy you did.


What a great cab! 

Posted by Donnie Kepley on 25th Aug 2013

I'm leaving my Rocket cab in the studio while I sit in front of my control room's monitors with my Dr. Z Maz Jr. or my Victoria Double Deluxe sitting next to me. 
Currently loaded with a combination of Weber speakers (a ceramic Silver Bell and an Alnico 12A150A), the Rocket sounds like what I imagine a nice vintage open back 2-12" would sound like.
The workmanship in the cabinet is top notch - beautiful solid pine that is so light! I can't imagine anyone needing to order one of these cabs with optional side handles unless they're loading some very heavy speakers.
All mounting hardware and wiring is included in a little plastic baggie, as well as a swatch of the requested tolex and grill cloth. If I had to make one suggestion, I'd suggest that this little pouch be taped or stapled inside the cab - I nearly missed mine as I was excited to hurriedly unpack my cabinet when it came in - I had to go back and look inside the box and packing to locate the baggie. And the cabinet was packed very well.
I'd been shopping for a 2-12" cab for awhile and Rocket appeared to be the best for my money. Solid high grade finger-joined pine, choice of tolex and grill cloth, quick delivery, great customer service, made in the USA - highly recommended!


 Posted by Beacon Tube Amps on 14 Aug 2013.

A couple months ago we ordered a modified cab for a ’59 Tweed 2x10 Super from Soundsrite Audio for our SE amp build. Somehow the measurements were wrong for the chassis cutout and we don’t know if it was due to Beacon Tube Amp’s or Soundsrite Audio’s measuring but that really doesn’t matter. The point of this post is we sent the cab back for correction and Paul didn’t like the results so he rebuilt the whole cab at his expense! In a word, the new cab is beautiful! Soundsrite is and will be our first and only call for any of our cabinet needs weather it’s a complete build or recovering. Thanks Paul Robison!


Great tone at an amazing price. 

Posted by Steve Storey on 6th Aug 2013

I had Rocket cabs build a Chicago 2x12 for me. This thing is incredible! My guitar buddys and I are always A/B ing gear to listen to the tonal differances. We A/B ed the Chicago 2x12 cab against my Marshall 1982 4x12 and could not beleive our ears. We all picked the Chicago cab over the Marshall 4x12. Same speakers at the same ohmage setting. The pine cab just killed it in terms of woodiness and clarity. We were shocked at the bottom end also. It had better clarity, note definition,and since it was an open back it just enveloped us in it's tone. I will never go back to a closed back cab and will never go back to birch cabs again. Pine is king!!! Thanks Paul for the great work !! I also ordered a 1x12 to go with my Orange OR15 head. Sorry orange. Rocket Cabs has got you beat here!! Thanks for helping me to achieve the best tone of my life Rocket Cabs!! Rock On!! Steve Storey. Armed and Indigo.


Memphis 1X12 

Posted by Unknown on 24th Jun 2013

Paul builds a very nice cabinet. He was very responsive to my questions and did everything he said he would.
The cabinet is very light and sturdy.
Thanks Paul!


Memphis 1x12 

Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2013

I wanted to drop you a line telling how much I dig my new Rocket Cab Memphis 1X12 loaded w/ the Eminence Legend. When I pulled it out of the packing box, I couldn't believe how light it was and smell of pine was intoxicating! When I plugged my 30 watt Peavey Classic head into it, it sounded bigger and tighter than before. The workmanship is top notch! It's really beautiful and I can't thank you enough!

Mike Clinco
Studio City, CA


Exactly what I was looking for. 

Product: Rocket Cab Model Chicago 2x10 Custom Solid Pine Speaker Cabinet. 
Posted By: W. Marsh
After looking for a month to find someone to build me a custom 1x12 cabinet for my vintage Bandmaster head, Paul was the only one I could find who would do it at a reasonable price. Not only that, but he offered free shipping and didn't charge any extra to change the dimensions. 

Paul was great with communication. He always answered my emails right away and kept in the touch throughout the build. He even sent me a few pictures before shipping it. 

Upon receiving the cab, I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was, even with a speaker in it. Very easy to carry from gig to gig. This cab was exactly what I was looking for. It sounds and looks GREAT. The wood even had and still has that fresh cut smell. Wonderful! If you're looking for a practical, affordable solution to your custom cabinet woes, Rocket Cab is it! After gigging with it for the past few weeks, I am even more pleased and have gotten many compliments on the look and especially the tone of my rig. Very happy! 



Nice Cabinet 

Product: Rocket Cab: Chicago 2x10. IN STOCK 
Posted By: Mike
I was very impressed with both the build quality and the service. The cabinet arrived when predicted and was well-packed. The cabinet is very light, which is a plus, and workmanship is clean. I usually play an older Gibson ES 175 (yes, in a rock band), and it produces a lot of low end. So far the 2X10 seems to tame that a bit, and the cabinet also sounds very good combined with my 12 inch cabinets. 



just like it should be 

Product: Rocket Cab Memphis 1x12 Custom Solid Pine Cabinet 
Posted By: N/A
I found that the cabinet was everything it should be,,quality materials and workmanship throughout,,,,Paul was very helpful,,, 5 stars all the way,,, I would highly recomend this product,,,, 



Great sounding, lightweight cabinet 

Product: Rocket Cab: Chicago 2x10 Custom Blonde IN STOCK 
Posted By: N/A
The cabinet is very resonant and extremely lightweight. My only complaint is the rather thin back panels. 


 Rocket Cab Chicago 2x10 is Pure Excellence 

Posted by David Lee on 10th Mar 2013

On President's Day of 2013, I placed an order for a 2x10 speaker cab with a company I had been reading GREAT reviews about for quite some time after an unsuccessful attempt to find a long discontinued 2x10 Fender speaker cab to run in tandem with a number of my 2x12 combos. There's nothing I like better than a combination of these kind of speaker setups to give my bottom end it's rib cage vibrating goodness along with the bite and punch for the top end to shine through with the 10's. I found everything I wanted with the Rocket Cab Chicago 2x10 enclosure from Soundsrite Audio. As a bonus price for me - I ordered mine on President's Day and took advantage of free shipping due to their holiday shopping offer which saved me an additional $30, so with an excellent quality built cab and a nice discounted price - this was perfect all around!

Follow the link here from my band's website to see pictures of my cab (initially with Jensen CQ10's installed).

I have a variety of additional speakers and will in the weeks ahead be switching these out with some other configurations to tweak to my tastes and my gear setups. I am so pleased with the build quality and the tone factor of this cab that it will be a fun ton quest to enjoy along the way. Thanks very much to Soundsrite Audio for an excellent quality cab and fast shipping and communication before and well after the sale, Rare and appreciated follow through all the way around. I highly recommend these folks for all your speaker cab needs - no worries and excellent service! Rock on! Rev

Chicago 2x10 


Fabulous sound, great customer service! 
Posted by Bluzcat on 5th Mar 2013

 "I ordered this cab on a recommendation from a friend, who like me is a complete tone snob. I got the cab, and it looked great, but was missing one of the options that I had ordered. I emailed Paul and let him know, and he showed why he has a good reputation. He made things right, and then some. It's great to see that there are still some people that put customer service and satisfaction over all else! I equipped the cab with two Warehouse Guitar Speakers 10C/S speakers, and the cab sounds great. Not too boomy, great mids, and crystal clear highs. Can't wait till the speakers are broken in. The craftmanship of the cabinet looks great. I ended up replacing the wiring that ships with it for some higher grade audio cable, but I'm sure the standard cables are good enough for most discriminating ears."

Chicago 2x10



"This is my cab and I couldn't be more happy. I was worried how pine would sound and I'm shocked how great this cab sounds and how light it is (17.5 LBS. If your thinking of pine, go for it. Its lighter and sounds better, by a lot. The only thing this cab might not like, is metal IMHO but from blues to classic rock this thing kills. I've had Bogner, oversized 2x12, Marshall 1936 2x12 (open and closed back- custom), THD 2x12, and Mesa open back 2x12. Pauls cab is lighter and better in tone. The rich high end and crystal clear mids with no flub. I sound like a commercial but, I'm sold on Pine and Paul's craftsmanship, and customer service. Paul took the time to phone me(twice) and several e-mails, to make shure, everything would be right. This company is number one in my book, for custom pine guitar cabs."

Custom C-4

Jerry M.

"I was lucky enough to pick up a Goodsell Custom 33 head w/ verb and trem in brown ostrich tolex and I wanted a 2x12 cab to match it. I had seen the Rocket Cab ads on Craigslist, and had visited the website, I was impressed with what I saw and contacted Paul. He was great to deal with from the start, I told him what I was looking for and sent him pics of the head. He matched the ostrich tolex exactly, and the design specs came out perfectly. I absolutely love the diagonal 2x12 configuration, it truly is the perfect 2x12 in my opinion. The sound is exceptional, raw and organic with tight bass and smooth high end. Loaded with a celestion gold and a g12h30 ... they haven't fully broken in and I may play around with different speakers. One of the great things about this design, it's very easy to swap speakers. I am very pleased with my purchase and would absolutely recommend Paul and his fine workmanship to anyone ."

Custom C-4

Scott C.

" It was a pleasure dealing with Paul on my Chicago 2-12. This cab is a solid, well built tone monster that sounds fantastic. You can tell Paul takes his time and cares about his craft. Everything was cleanly put together, tolex and grille cloth are nicely done. If you are in the market for a cab look no further."

Chicago 2x12
Jeff S.

"If you are looking for a great cab for your guitar head, solid pine is the way to go. The cab I got from Paul is very solid and very well built! "

Chicago 2x12
Matt W.

"I wanted a cab to match my Fender SS 22 with blonde tolex and oxblood cloth. None of them out there were quite the right size. Paul made me a wider version of the Memphis, and it looks perfect! Sounds even better! That plus the best service I've ever had. If you are looking for a cab, this is the place to go!"

Memphis 1X12
Walt L 

"The cab is very high quality, extremely well made and sounds great too. It was affordable too. The service from Paul was top notch; he kept in touch every step of the way."

Rocket Cab Chicago 2X12
Ausin TX 

"This thing kicks some serious ASS !!!! I'm absolutely blown away at the difference pine makes. Let me know where I can rant a post about this cab. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY !!!"

Rocket Cab Chicago 2X12
Atlanta Ga.

Thanks so much !!!"I love this cab. I have 2 WGS C10/s speakers in there for a 4ohm load at 150W handling capacity. Running a Dual Showman or a Two-Rock (85 – 100 watts) through it. 

It sounds huge and takes pedals very well. The cab is lightweight and a perfect high wattage solution without being too big and heavy. Thanks for the good communication and for meeting your quoted lead time."

Rocket Cab Chicago 2x10
California USA 


"I recently purchased Rocket Cab's Atlanta Model in a 1x10" configuration. It arrived on schedule and looks beautifully done exactly as expected. The finger joint work is great and using pine for the enclosure makes it much lighter than MDF. Of course, all this is moot if it doesn't sound good ... 

I hooked up a 10" and let 'er rip. I love the sound of your cab! Did a shoot out with a factory cab loaded with an identical speaker vs. the Rocket Atlanta. Even put it up against a single 12. Your cab just has a truly great tone to it. I think the 10" depth is somewhat responsible. That and the pine box.

I do demo recordings for Nashville songwriters and own or have access to some excellent amps, speakers and cabs (65 Amps Lil Elvis, Vox AC30, Alnico Blues, various other Celestions, multiple vintage Fender Blackfaces, Tweeds, etc, many guitars, etc, etc). The Rocket Atlanta cab turned a Peavey Backstage into a serious contender for a recording amp. Now, please be aware that I tweaked the dimensions a little (17"x15"x10") so your mileage may vary ... but I couldn't be more pleased. Paul, you did a great job."
Rocket Cab: Atlanta 1x10
Miami FL. 

"I got the 2x10 blond open-back Chicago cab recently and I'm very pleased with it so far! It's super light weight and sounds great. I've got it loaded with a Celestion Gold and a Greenback. The build quality is excellent and it was definitely a deal for the money it cost."
Rocket Cab: Chicago 2x10
New York New York 

 "Still loving the cab. My speaker is just starting to break in and it sounds better everyday. Best sounding and built cab I have ever owned."

Rocket Cab: model Memphis 1x12
Fort Collins CO. 

"Great cabinet & build quality. Dovetails are Mesa quality for far less $$$."
Rocket Cab: model Chicago 2x12
Austin TX. 

“Just got my speakers installed and have been playing with my new cab…Wow! The resonance is amazing! Perfect size and I love the weight, thank you”
Rocket Cab: model Chicago 2x12
Atlanta GA.

 “Beautifully built cabinet. Sounds great. Real nice.”
Rocket Cab: model Atlanta 1x10
Yonkers NY.

"Love these cabs.  Only thing I can say about them is they are nothing short of a "revelation".
Rocket Cab: pair custom model  1-15" and1-6" closed back ported
Andover KS.

"The cab is awesome, thanks again for meeting me. Best of success with the business. I'll be happy to mention you should the need arise for friends."

Rocket cab "Chicago 2x10"
Athens GA.

"Great solid 2x12, can't wait to load it with speakers. Outstanding!"
Rocket Cab: Chicago 2x12
New Albany IN
"Hey Paul, the cabinet looks AWESOME!  Thank you so much for everything. I can't wait to drop some ten's in it and experience sound!"
Rocket Cab: Chicago 2x10
 Lancaster CA