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Note: We carry the entire line of Jensen Speakers. We have listed only a a few here.

We can load your cab with any Jensen you want.

Contact us for speaker pricing to go with your new cabinet.

  • Loaded Jensen Blackbird 10
    $235.00 Choose Options Loaded Jensen Blackbird 10
    This 10" version of the Jensen Blackbird is extremely warm and smooth, with a very rich, fat low end and sparkling highs. It handles overdrive distortion by bringing out colorful detail and holding strong even at maximum...

  • Loaded Jensen Jet Tornado
    $140.00 Choose Options Loaded Jensen Jet Tornado
    Jensen Jet Tornado 12" 100 Watt Guitar Speaker 4, 8 or 16 Ohm  Super-clear, well-defined tone. The Jensen Jet Tornado has a crystal-clear tone accented with shimmering highs, each note sounding tight and...