Loaded Eminence GA-SC64 George Alessandro Signature 12"

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Eminence GA-SC64 George Alessandro Signature 12" Guitar Speaker  8 Ohm

Eminence worked with legendary amp guru George Alessandro to create and voice the GA-SC64 Signature Series 12" guitar speaker. Well-balanced from top to bottom, this speaker is reminiscent of the tones from 1964.

Traditional guitar speaker build materials are used to offer warmth, dynamics, low frequency articulation, and a proper distorted harmonic content layering that lends itself to vintage and modern amplifiers. Designed and assembled in the USA.

Specifications: • Power handling: 40 watts RMS • VCdia: 1.75" • Impedance: 8 ohms • Frequency Range: 80-5,300 Hz • Sensitivity: 100.5 dB 1W/1m • Magnet weight: 38 oz. • Dimensions: Overall diameter: 12.17", Cutout diameter: 11.13", Depth: 5.13".

From the Rocket Lab:

 I finally found some time to run a GA-SC64 through a Memphis 1x2. Using an early '70's Bandmaster Reverb that was "blackfaced" by Tone Master Paul Markwalter at Beacon Tube Amps . It's a 40 watt amp that was tweaked to be a little more Deluxe like with break up starting at about 4, '80's '62 RI Strat, straight in with a super high quality cable.

My initial impression and I don't expect it to change much, is that I really, really like this speaker. Very well balanced from top to bottom, I never found it to be lacking or overbearing anywhere. Big, open and full, plenty of bass, not too tight or too flabby, smooth mids and nice clear singing highs, all balanced perfectly. This is the cool thing about this driver, it's like a well mixed record.
It will handle percussive attack with out a problem or sing gentle rhythms and nothing gets lost. 
Eminence says it's a circa 1964...I don't know if they had a particular speaker in mind? To me this is kind of a blend. It has a vintage vibe it's not scooped, no spiky highs and it's not sterile. It really lets the amp talk and has this friendly reminiscent tone that just makes you smile! It is the nicest 12" I have used with that amp and I will be using them for myself in a 2x12. Typical quality Eminence build, ribbed cone, felt dust cap and a heavy dope. I expect it will open up a bit more as it breaks in. 
I will be play testing a bit more with some drive pedals, but I was liking the straight tone so much I never felt the need! Handles over driven amp tones beautifully. Highly Recomended.




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    Hands down the most balanced sounding speaker I have Played.!!!

    Posted by MusicMike on 28th Dec 2015

    Best $99 bucks you could spend.! Really for use in Fenders and Boutique type Fender designed amps. Forget the Weber 150 & C12N... You'll thank me later. I just bought a second one to keep on hand.

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    Posted by Steve Storey on 8th Jul 2014

    This is one of the best speakers I've ever heard. I own many varieties of Celestions,WGS,Jensen,and other eminence speakers. This one takes the prize. I will be purchasing another soon to replace the creamback in the 2x12 this is paired with. I usually like to mix speakers, but I will soon have two of these in my 2x12 Chicago cab.I thought I had amazing tone earlier. This speaker is certainly an incredible value at this price. Thanks George for an outstanding speaker! Steve Storey