Demo Memphis 1x12 In Stock WGS ET65

Rocket Cab
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Rocket Cab: Memphis 1x12

Demo in Excellent Condition!

Loaded with a WGS ET65

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  • Black Bronco Tolex.
  • Silver/White/Black grille Cloth.
  • Solid Premium Eastern White Pine
  • Beautiful half blind dovetail joinery.
  • Classic floating baffle design.
  • Vintage combo Style Back Panels.
  • Chrome countersunk corners.
  • Chrome glide feet
  • WGS ET65 65 Watts 8 Ohms
  • Switchcraft input jack and speaker wire.
  • Made in USA

Memphis 1x12:

Tone Tone Tone!

The Memphis is a beefy 22.5"x17"x10.5"  solid pine cabinet that is one sweet tone machine.  
Light weight, resonate and built rock solid in the USA with dovetail  joinery, there is no reason to settle for less.

 12" ET65 - 65 WATTS

 The ET65's creamy lows blend with tight midrange and sparkling highs for some of the best tones ever created. This speaker is for classic rock, country, and blues. Upgrade from your Celestion™ G12-65.