C412 Fearless

Rocket Cab
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Rocket Cab: C4-12 Fearless
4x12 Dual Chamber Slant Cabinet

The C4-12 Fearless: Is a dual chambered cab split with a baffle in the center, two speakers above and two below, with the ability to run one of the chambers open or closed. You will also be able to mix speaker sizes i.e. 2x10's on the top and 2x12's on the bottom. The C4-12 Fearless can also be wired for true stereo!

  • 28" H x 29" W x 15" D (Bottom) 10.75" D (Top)
  • Dual Chamber cabinet with convertible back panel. (top)
  • Aggressive 16 degree slant.
  • Premium Eastern White Pine.
  • Birch baffles and back panels.
  • Steel recessed side handles.
  • Large rubber feet. (Cabinet stands about 29" tall on feet.)
  • 2" pop out casters.(Cabinet stands about 30" tall on casters.)
  • Input jack(s) and wiring.
  • Weight: 50 lbs +/-