15th Apr 2014

C-4 Custom Vertical 2x12

Rocket Cab: C4 Custom, Vertical or Horizontal 2x12, dual chambered design with convertible back panels. This custom cab can be run in stereo or mono, with any combination of open or closed back c …

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4th Feb 2014

What is a "Floating Baffle"?

Here is a question I get asked often when someone is ordering their custom cab.Q. What is a "Floating Baffle"?A. There are two basic types of baffles used in speaker cab construction, a floating and f …

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3rd Feb 2014

3 piece convertible back panel

I have re-designed the 3 piece convertible back panel. It consists of one fixed top panel that holds the input jack and two interchangeable panels, one for open and one for closed. The two interc …

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