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C-4 Custom Vertical 2x12


Rocket Cab: C4 Custom, Vertical or Horizontal 2x12, dual chambered design with convertible back panels. 

This custom cab can be run in stereo or mono, with any combination of open or closed back configurations!

 Rocket Cab: C4 Custom

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What is a "Floating Baffle"?

Here is a question I get asked often when someone is ordering their custom cab.Q. What is a "Floating Baffle"?A. There are two basic types of baffles used in speaker cab construction, a floating and fixed baffle.A floating baffle should be made from ½” or less material and can be attached by only the four [...]

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3 piece convertible back panel

I have re-designed the 3 piece convertible back panel. It consists of one fixed top panel that holds the input jack and two interchangeable panels, one for open and one for closed. The two interchangeable panels are attached with stainless steel machine screws (bolts) in to fixed t-nuts. Both panels share the same bolt pattern. This method [...]

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Solid Pine vs Plywood cabs? Open Back or Closed Back?

Solid Pine vs Plywood cabs? Open Back or Closed Back?A great article from Dave Hunter in Guitar Player: All About Speaker Cabinets By Dave Hunter Tue, 21 Aug 2007 "There’s an inf-byte popularly quoted lately that seeks to remind guitar obsessives that their amplifiers are responsible for 50 percent of their tone. Brake down that figure, and it puts [...]

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Load your cabinet with Celestion, Eminence or Jensen!

We can load your cabinet with Celstion, Eminence or Jensen speakers! Some speakers are listed on our site and we have the full line available. We can load your new cabinet with any Celestion, Eminence or Jensen driver. If you don't see the speaker(s) you want contact us: CONTACT

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Gift Certificates Available!

Gift Certificates are available now! 

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