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Dusky D20 Amplifier

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Product Description

Introducing the Dusky D₂O Amplifier

The D₂O amplifier is an all-new, original design building upon classic circuit elements that honors the past while offering something new to the guitar amp market. The D₂O is unlike anything currently available—in terms of look or sound. We are proud to offer an amplifier that is genuinely unique.

The name derives from deuterium oxide, also known as heavy water. The D₂O has a heavy but clear sound, in keeping with its namesake.


Quick Specs

Output Power 32W or 8W switchable

Preamp Tubes 2x 6SL7 (large, octal)

Power Tubes 2x 6L6GC

Controls Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Cut, Standby, Power

Output Impedance 4Ω, 8Ω, or 16Ω

Weight 27 lbs (unpackaged), 32 lbs (shipping)

Dimensions 19.75" wide (without handles), 23" wide (including handles), 8.25" high, 7.75" deep

Power Tubes

After the phase inverter, the power tubes are cathode biased. Among other things, this way of biasing a tube sounds, well, more "tube-y." And it means that you don't need to readjust your bias when you change power tubes, a common maintenance task on fixed bias amplifiers. Just pop in a new set of tubes and go. This also makes "tube rolling" easy.

Although the D₂O ships with 6L6GC power tubes—our personal favorites—you can install EL34s for more of a British flavor. KT66, KT88, and 6550s are compatible and can be substituted with no modification to the circuit.

Note: Installing higher power tubes won't increase the output power of the amp. But, they'll probably last longer because they're designed to be used under more stressful conditions than are found in this amplifier.

Output Transformer

Rounding out the power amp is a large, full bandwidth, over-specified iron core output transformer, made in the USA by Edcor. This, in conjunction with stiff power supply filtering, helps to give the D₂O a weighty, authoritative sound—and helps to maintain tighter bass response even when driven hard.


Bass and Treble

The first preamp stage includes the Bass and Treble controls based on the classic "James" tone stack. This configuration allows independent control of bass or treble, allowing either range to be cut or boosted without affecting the other frequency range.

Flat EQ is achieved with both controls set at approximately 11 o'clock.


The Middle control is located in the next preamp stage, completely isolated from the Bass and Treble controls. The Middle control is a passive mid-range filter tuned for the lower-middle frequencies that are often described as sounding “muddy.”

With the Middle knob set fully clockwise, very little mid-range is being cut. As the control is rotated counterclockwise, progressively more lower–mid-range is scooped out, allowing you to go from very warm sounding to very scooped.

Flat EQ is achieved with this control set fully clockwise.


The Cut control is a passive treble cut located in the power amp section. This control can tame the upper registers beyond the frequency range emphasized by the Treble control. This is especially useful if you're overdriving the amplifier—allowing you to tame the harmonics added by distortion introduced in earlier stages and in the power amplifier itself.

For a cranked tone, turn up the Treble control—which will push the tubes a little harder—and also turn up the Cut control, in turn, to tame the resulting high end.

Flat EQ is achieved with this control set fully counterclockwise.

Additional Information on Flat EQ

Although, technically, flat EQ is achieved with the Treble and Bass controls at around 11 o'clock, the Middle control fully clockwise, and the Cut control fully counterclockwise, most guitar players are used to playing amplifiers with a mid-scooped sound, so the D₂O may actually sound its most neutral with all controls set at 12 o'clock.

It is difficult to make this amplifier sound bad! Experimentation with extreme and bizarre EQ settings is highly encouraged.

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